Mobile Version of Apex Legends: Facts and Speculations

Apex Legends is considered as one of the most popular Electronic Arts creations. It is only natural that developers want it to stay this way. Following its Call of Duty competitor, Apex Legends are planned to be released on mobile. Besides, it will be available for next-generation gaming consoles.

What is going on?

Call of Duty has made its way into the mobile games market, which continues to increase its audience of fans. Now PUBG MOBILE has to move up. It looks like calm days are over for them. PC games developers, one by one, began to confirm their intention to go mobile. And EA is one of them. On PC, Apex Legends received its well-deserved glory, and now Electronic Arts are looking forward. A few months ago, we heard the rumor about the mobile version of Apex Legend. But it has been silenced right after its appearance, until now, when EA confirmed their intentions.

What has Electronic Arts Company said?

Apex Legends goes mobile

It happened on October 30, during the EA Conference Call. The company revealed that they are actively working on turning Apex Legends into a mobile game. Of course, you may have only one question to ask now: When will I be able to play it on my Android or iOS platform? According to Andrew Wilson, the Chief Executive of EA, the company will be available to release the mobile version of the game no sooner than in 2021. There is no further information on the exact date or details on the platform differences. So, all we have now is a PC version that already gathered 70 million players in one place.

Now do the math and imagine that it is almost 2 years to wait, as we don’t know when in 2021 the game will be available. It is 3 years after the PUBG came to mobiles. And PUBG is an extremely dangerous competitor for Apex Legends, as Tencent offered battle royal with the last man standing mechanics. It looks similar, right? And yet, Apex Legends is considered to be closer to Fortnite, which has its mobile version as well.

The situation got worse for Apex Legends after Activision partnered with Tencent to make a Call of Duty mobile version. And another battle royal joined the fight for the audience’s love. The game brought classic characters and new features together.

Do you play Apex Legends?

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t know anything about Apex Legends nowadays. Are you waiting for a mobile version of the game? Do you think that Apex Legends will keep its amazing graphics on mobile devices? Share your comments below.

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