Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

Review – “An amazing port of an intense first person shooter!”

For any veteran of console first-person shooters, the Call of Duty series is hard to ignore.  One of my favorite gameplay modes of all time in Call of Duty was the “Nazi Zombies” mode that was added as an iPhone App Review – Call of Duty World at War Zombies 1extra to Call of Duty World at War!  Needless to say, my jaw dropped as I drooled over the prospect of a direct port of that mode to the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. If you have thought about downloading this game in the past but have not because of the price, you really need to download the “Lite” version that they have just released and check it out!

The graphics of this game just blew me away.  From the opening splash movie directly from the console version, to all of the details on the weapons, zombies and environment!  What is really impressive is all of the stuff that is going on at the same time and yet the frame rate always manages to stay steady.  The sound effects and music are also top notch and definitely add to the experience as they do in the console version of the game.

What really sets this game above other games of this genre though is the replay factor.  I don’t even know how many hours I spent playing this game on my Xbox 360 but I know that experience that you get with this game is every bit as addicting.  And, true to the console versions, this game also supports multiplayer with up to 4 people total over WiFi.

When playing afirst person game like this the control scheme(s) is going to be extremely important!  Thankfully the developer included three different control iPhone App Review – Call of Duty World at War Zombies 2schemes, and plenty of customization for each of them!  I tried each of the three configurations and I liked the traditional “dual stick” scheme. The Accelerometer is a creative way to work controls but I found it to be a little frustrating.  Honestly if you practiced with it though it would probably be the most effective scheme once you mastered it.

In case you are unfamiliar with the “zombies” game the basic idea is that you are trapped in a building and the zombies are trying to get inside to eat you.  You start out with just a pistol and you earn points for each zombie you kill as well as for repairing the blockades on the entrances to the building. The zombies come in “waves” and each round they get stronger, faster and more numerous.  Along the way you get to buy new iPhone App Review – Call of Duty World at War Zombies 3weapons and unlock new areas with the points that you are earning. The game goes on until you can no longer hold the zombies off and you die.

I can honestly say that I have played very few iPhone games that are as polished as this one is.  If you’ve been waiting for a solid FPS on this platform then you should definitely check this game out!  The part is that now, because they have released a “Lite” version you can check out the graphics and gameplay without spending a dime!  I contend that once you see how amazing this game looks and plays that you will find that there is not another game in the App Store that delivers an experience of this quality, so check it out today!

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