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One of the first types of games to hit the App Store during its beginnings was the “brick-breaker” game type. Since then there have been a variety of different approaches and variants of these games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enchanted Forest takes a few concepts from these games, adds in a basic storyline progression, and is written exclusively for the larger screen of the iPad!

Now, this is your fair warning, if you are not a fan of cheesy “fairy” art in games then you may want to give this game a pass. If; however, you can get past the fact that the game’s art looks like it came out of a book of fairy tales though the game itself is pretty good.

The main menu offers several different options. Among these options is a “Community” button. Before you get started you’ll definitely want to go here and log in to your OpenFeint account if you have one already. If not you can quickly and easily sign up as well if you like. A side note here; it would have been nice if the game just asked you to log in to OpenFeint the first time that you open the app.

Once you are ready to start your game just touch the “Play” button in the upper left corner of the menu. You’ll need to create a profile to get started by typing in your name and then it gets right to the game. You’ll see an overview of the game map with your current location pinpointed on the map.

Once you touch the screen from the map you’ll be taken to the game screen. There are two different control schemes to use, and the default one is to use the accelerometer to move your paddle. I personally found this method to be a bit jerky though and changed it to where you touch the screen to control the paddle.

To get started you just touch the screen above your paddle and ball will start moving. as you bounce the ball off the various blocks some of them will drop items that you can pick up. Some of them give you extra points, while others will either help you or make it more difficult as you continue. There are also coins that you can collect by making the ball run over them.

At the end of each level, you are taken to a screen where you can use the coins you’ve collected to buy up to 3 different potions that will give you some of the various abilities you can get at the beginning of the next level. As you complete level you’ll continue to see your progress on the map in-between levels. When you reach a new “chapter” there is a totally new look for all of the levels.

My initial impressions were that the “story” aspect is a little bit cheesy, but the game itself plays well and offers enough variety to keep it interesting for most people. As with a lot of apps for the iPad it seems a little pricey to me when compared to the variety of apps available on the iPhone, but I did find it to be pretty fun. There is also a free version if you’d like to try it out before you decide to buy it. So what are you waiting for? Head to the App Store and check out Enchanted Forest today!

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