Group Call & Text by Callvine – iPhone App Review

Review – “Keeping in contact with groups of people the easy way!”

Do you regularly send text messages to the same groups of people? How would you like to be able to start up a group call without adding callers one at a time? Well wish no longer because now you can do that and more with Group Call & Text by Callvine

The app itself is very straightforward. There is a menu bar along the bottom with 5 buttons. There is a button for calling and one for testing. There is also a “Groups” button that allows to divide your contacts yourself, a “Recents” button that shows all of your recent group calls and a “More” button that contains some basic setup options.

To set up a group text just touch the “Text Now” button at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen is a search bar. You can either type the name of the contact you want to add or just touch the little blue bookmark symbol on the right side of the search bar. Editing your list of contacts is simple as well. Just touch the “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen to add things and “swipe” to delete just like you would on the iPhone’s mail app!

One of the things that I really noticed with this app is just how well it is designed to work with the iOS 4. Once you get ready to send a text message you are taken straight to the “Messages” app without leaving the Group Call & Text completely. Once you are finished with your message you will go straight back to the Group Call & Text main screen!

The group call feature is set up the exact same as the texting app. Once you get all of the people that you want to group call just touch the “place call” button and it will connect to all your friends. This section of the app offers the same “swipe” to delete method of the texting app.

While there are a lot of cool features in this app, the one that truly won me over is the “Groups” feature. Touching the “Groups” button in the lower left corner of the screen will take you to a screen where you can access, create and edit various lists of people that you call and/or text regularly!

Once you’ve created a group, touching it will bring up a menu with three options: Place Group Call, Send Group Text and Edit this Group. This is something that is sadly missing from the built in messages app on the iPhone. You can text people in a group, but there is really not a good way to keep several groups of people to send texts to regularly.

To make group calls with this app you will need to sign up for an account through CallVine. The group calling features are free for an introductory period that ends on Sept 7th, and texting is always free! Whether you find yourself regularly arranging group calls, or you just text to groups of people a lot this app is available for free. So don’t wait another minute, head to the App Store and download it for yourself today!

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