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7 best free iOS games – the first half of November 2018

Every day in the App Store there are dozens of different games: runner, arcade, strategy, shooters, puzzles… And not to get lost in all this abundance, I with suggest getting acquainted with the most worthy releases of the past month. WonderWorlds “WonderWorlds” – a nice game in the spirit of “LittleBigPlanet”, which has a friendly atmosphere. We have to go through… Read more »

VNC Viewer

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Review – “Official RealVNC App for Remote Desktop Viewing” I’ve used nearly every single iPhone remote desktop viewing App there is. It used to be a very important part of my home theater/computer set up, and the entire time I’ve owned an iOS Device, I’ve had an App that works with the VNC Server, so I was delighted to finally… Read more »

Trick Your Ride

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Review – “Create the car of your dreams with this unique app!” If you’re a car enthusiast Trick Your Ride is a photo editing app that offers you tools to change the appearance of everything from the window tint to the tire rims and accessories! You choose one of the stock photos, or take your own photo and create your… Read more »

Zombie Duck Hunt

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As one of the most popular Free Apps on the iTunes App Store right now, I thought I’d give Zombie Duck Hunt a try. I was first interested in trying it out because, hey, Zombies. And also, hey, Duck Hunt! Who doesn’t love the classic NES Game where with the Florecent Orange Laser Gun? Well, sadly the Laser Gun is… Read more »

Virtual Air Hockey

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I remember way back when the App Store opened that one of the games to quickly emerge (in several different variants) was Air Hockey. Over the last couple of years, I’ve played several different Air Hockey games, some good and some bad. The one thing that seems to be universal is that they are difficult to make playable on the… Read more »

US Immigration FAQ – iPhone App Review

Review – “Handy reference guide to US Immigration Rules and Procedures” US Immigration FAQ is pretty much exactly what it says it is. A handy guide to all of the rules for visiting or immigrating to the US. The information contained in this App is current (as of the last update) and informative for anyone wishing to learn more about… Read more »

Tweetie 2

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REVIEW – “Stay connected no matter where you go!” iPhone App Review – Tweetie 2 1There have been a myriad of iPhone apps that have been released, both paid and free, that will give you access to your Twitter account on the go.  Some of them are very good, and some of them quite frankly cripple your ability to use… Read more »

Touch LCD

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Review – “Use your iDevice as a full-featured alarm clock!” Touch LCD 1 200×300 Touch LCD   iPhone/iPad App ReviewMost people are fully aware that their iDevice offers the ability to set alarms from within the built in “Clock” app. If you use your iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch regularly for this feature then you may want to check out… Read more »

The Cat in the Hat

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The Cat in the Hat – iPhone App ReviewWhile I normally do not review books, for the simple reason that their features are usually quite obvious, The Cat in the Hat takes the extra steps truly stand out. It becomes a great way for your child to not only enjoy a great book but improve their own reading skills. This… Read more »

The BillyGoat Quizw – “Tthink outside the box!”

If you enjoy things that makeyou think then there is a good chance you’ll find “The BillyGoat Quiz” to be a lot of fun! The basic idea is that you are timed and given a certain amount of attempts to solve a series of puzzles. Some of them are fairly simple, while others are designed to trick you into thinking… Read more »

Sploro – NY Subway Tour

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Review – “Take a $10 tour of NYC and learn about the history of its Subway system!” If you’ve ever done much traveling and/or site-seeing you probably know that hiring a tour-guide can be quite expensive. Well thanks to Sploro, your iPhone can now double as your own personal tour guide! In this review, I’ll be taking a look at… Read more »

iQuarters – iPhone App Review Making “Cents” of AT&T’s new data plans

I love reading blogs and news online. That was one of my biggest reasons for adding an iPad to my collection. With that being said, my online reading experience is definitely related to what I’m using to read my RSS feeds. In comes The Early Edition. Developed by Glasshouse Apps, The Early Edition is a fantastic and gorgeous app that… Read more »

Enchanted Forest – iPhone App Review

One of the first types of games to hit the App Store during its beginnings was the “brick-breaker” game type. Since then there have been a variety of different approaches and variants of these games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Enchanted Forest takes a few concepts from these games, adds in a basic storyline progression, and is written exclusively… Read more »