Symptom Checker – iPhone App Review

REVIEW – “Get instant access to information about what your symptoms might mean.”

Whether you are concerned for yourself or a family member having quick access to reliable information is always a great help. With Symptom Checker you can look up more than 40 symptoms and find out how to treat them, and when it might be time to visit a doctor.

There are a number of things about this app that really work and the first is that it separates symptoms into children and adults. This is very important because the same symptom could mean completely different things and could be much more serious for children rather than adults, or vice versa.

Once you get past that screen you can easily find the symptom you are looking to find more information about. The app then gives you information on how to treat the problem, what warning signs to look out for and when it is best to consult a doctor. This feature can save you wasted doctor’s visits and make sure you get to the doctor when you really need to.

Like any app that is built from a website it also gives you easy access to much of the vast tomes of information that you can find on the Mayo Clinic website. You can get further information on specific illness or problems, as well as information about how to get the right treatment and where to go.

The app even gives you information about the Mayo Clinic itself including a way to schedule an appointment or to have all those questions you have always wondered about the Mayo Clinic answered.

I was surprised to find this app because like many people when I think of finding out more information about symptoms or problems, WebMD is usually my first stop. But this app is very useful, although I would like to see it expanded a little more, but for a free app it is not half bad and it does give great information.

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