The BillyGoat Quizw – “Tthink outside the box!”

If you enjoy things that makeyou think then there is a good chance you’ll find “The BillyGoat Quiz” to be a lot of fun! The basic idea is that you are timed and given a certain amount of attempts to solve a series of puzzles. Some of them are fairly simple, while others are designed to trick you into thinking the answer is something different.

When you open up the game you are asked if you’d like to sign into your OpenFeint account. In case you’re not familiar with OpenFeint it is a social gaming platform that allows you to see what games your friends are playing and compare your scores with them and the rest of the world!

Once you set your OpenFeint settings it will automatically log you into the account you chose when you star the game. The main screen that you start at has 4 different buttons. In the lower left corner is a button to access the OpenFeint network and your settings. The lower right corner will take you to the developers website where you can find more information about the game and who created it.

The button on the left in the middle of the screen will take you directly to the global high scores list and the one to the right of it will start a new game. Once you start a game the timer will start immediately. The first time you play it though you won’t want to pay too much attention to it because you’ll need to figure out the various puzzles.

In order to be included on the global high score list you’ll need to complete the entire game. The puzzles are exactly the same every time you play but it took me quite a few tries to figure them all out. Some of them are simple things like telling you to press a button. Others will give you a list of instructions that you have to memorize and complete or even tell do something in the instructions box while other tells you to do something else!

While a game like this is not going to be worth $4 or $5 because of it’s limited nature, it does manage to offer a little bit of replay value by having the high score list oncer you finally figure out all the puzzles. For $0.99 I can say that I would recommend this game to someone that enjoys figuring out puzzles and definitely to someone that loves competition. So what are you waiting for? Download it today and see if you’re fast enough to beat my high score of 168.1 seconds!

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