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The Cat in the Hat – iPhone App ReviewWhile I normally do not review books, for the simple reason that their features are usually quite obvious, The Cat in the Hat takes the extra steps truly stand out. It becomes a great way for your child to not only enjoy a great book but improve their own reading skills.

This app features all the beautiful and unique drawings that really make Dr. Seuss books stand out. The app even allows for you to pan and zoom through the pictures so that kids can get a closer look at the pictures, even on a small screen.

Even better is that this book has both a read-aloud feature and a read by myself feature which is great for younger and older kids so that they can get the reading experience they want. Your child may even learn to read the book all on their own and then really feel accomplished.

But there is even more to this app which simply shows that all the touches have been added to make this a truly unique app for children and it gets them even more involved in the story. When children touch something in the picture, such as the net, the word will show on the screen. It appears large next to the object and is even highlighted everywhere that it appears in the story. Even better the word is said aloud to help children associate the object with both how the word looks and sounds.

Even beyond simple reading of the book each page features background sound to bring the story to life even more.

Personally, I am not sure that anything will replace the feel of an actual book in my hands, but with all the features this app was just created with children in mind from start to finish.

The Cat in the Hat is perhaps the most memorable of the Dr. Seuss books but a wide variety of books are available for the iPhone so you can keep your children engaged and eager to read.

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