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I have looked through many (many!) to do lists on the App Store, trying to find a one size fits all app for what I need. I don’t have a problem making my todo list .. I have a problem remembering to pull my list up when I’m near my errands!

Guess what .. there’s now an app for that! Enters Toogo. ..

Developed by Benjamin Nelson, this app is simple and straightforward, but super handy when it comes to reminding you of your daily errands. In a nutshell, this app gives you the ability to create location-based to do’s .. and then reminds you of your errands when you are near them. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

When you first open the application it defaults to the map screen, which looks similar to an application like Google Maps.

At the top you’ll see Settings, where you can change the map view and even enable the multi-tasking option for the application (when applicable on your device). At the bottom left you’ll see an icon that you will press to find your location (again on applicable devices). In the middle, you can toggle between a Map View of your to dos, or a List View. At the bottom right-hand side you’ll see the ‘+’ button, which is how you add a new location.

By default, your map is empty aside from your current location marking. Pressing the ‘+’ button will take you to the screen where you can add new to do. It asks you for a Name (which will show up on either the list or the map), Location, and a location radius to which you should be notified (either 1/2, 1, 2, 5, or 10 miles).

By clicking the Location button it will default to your current location (if known), however, you can either type in an address at the top or you can simply drag the little pin to the location you want it to be at.

 .. this part appears to only work when multi-tasking is ENABLED on an iPhone that supports it 

Now comes the fun part. After giving your to do a name, location, and notification radius it is added to your list. When you are driving along and move within your specified radius a popup will appear and remind you of your errand. How handy is that?

My only concern with this app is that it may be battery draining, since it appears to leave the GPS option on your phone active the entire time, through multi-tasking. However, I have not used it long enough to confirm or deny this… but I can note a swifter decrease in battery usage and my phone, when not is use, feels warmer than it did before using this app.

If you have a device that can fully support the ability of this app I’d suggest heading over to the App Store now and grabbing your copy at the bargain price of $0.99. While I am thinking it may use a little more battery than your phone sitting idle it may be a minimal tradeoff to how handy this app can be for your everyday errands.

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