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Review – “Use your iDevice as a full-featured alarm clock!”

Touch LCD 1 200×300 Touch LCD   iPhone/iPad App ReviewMost people are fully aware that their iDevice offers the ability to set alarms from within the built in “Clock” app. If you use your iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch regularly for this feature then you may want to check out Touch LCD.

Touch LCD is an app that offers a clock display with all kinds of information and extra features. It also has a large display for the time in the center of the screen, and several small displays forTouch LCD 2 200×300 Touch LCD   iPhone/iPad App Review things such as the time in another time zone, the day of the week, and lots more!

The thing that I enjoyed the most about this app is just how simple the interface really is. Everything is literally right at your fingertips with a single touch! The screen is divided into three sections, and there are several different options for what can be Touch LCD 3 200×300 Touch LCD   iPhone/iPad App Review viewed in those three sections. To switch between these options all you have to do is swipe that area of the screen side to side.

In the lower right corner of the center area is a little settings button. Touching the settings button will bring up a long list of all the options that are available in this app. One of the first things I did when I opened up this screen is to go to the “Notifications” screen and turn off the “Touch Tones.” This is a feature that is enabled by default that makes a beeping noise every time you touch a button. The beeping noise, while not extremely loud, is very annoying.

Another cool feature of this app is night mode. If you do decide to use this app as a clock at night you can tone down the screen brightness by either touching the little moon-shaped icon in the lower right corner of the main center area, or by opening the settings menu and touching “Night Mode” button.

While there are a lot of positives about this app I did want to note a few issues that I would like to see the developers address. One of them is the sounds that are available to use as the tone for your alarms. Touch LCD 4 200×300 Touch LCD   iPhone/iPad App ReviewFirst of all, the built-in beeps are just down-right irritating, and as such are all but unusable. The second thing is that the developer needs to add the ability to select individual tracks, Touch LCD 5 200×300 Touch LCD  iPhone/iPad App Review or possibly to create your own lists from within the app.

With all of the other features such as the built-in timers and stopwatch, the feature that set this app apart for me was the “wake-up test”. I can’t even count how many times I’ve turned my alarm off without ever fully waking up and been late for something. The wake-up test requires you to touch the 4 corners of the screen in the order that they are lit up before it will turn off the alarm. The order that they are selected in is random and so you really can’t do it just by accident!

While the display of the iPhone makes this clock probably a little small for an alarm clock, this is a very useful app and it looks even better on the iPad! If you’re still reading this I’d encourage you to check it out in the App Store today. It’s only $1.99, so what are you waiting for?

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