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Review – “Create the car of your dreams with this unique app!”

If you’re a car enthusiast Trick Your Ride is a photo editing app that offers you tools to change the appearance of everything from the window tint to the tire rims and accessories! You choose one of the stock photos, or take your own photo and create your dream car!

When you open this app for the first time you’ll be greeted by some background music. This is one of five different custom tracks that you can set and listen to as you create your dream Trick Your Ride 2 300×200 Trick Your Ride   iPhone App Review

machine! If one of these is not to your liking you can also use a song from your iPod music library or choose not to play a song as well. This is done from the “Music” menu on the editing screen. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way to edit the background music directly from the main menu of the app.

The main menu screen has 4 buttons. In the upper right corner of the screen is a help button. This takes you to a scrolling window that is full of information on how all of the options within the app work. It is pretty long, but it is also very descriptive and makes it easy to figure out how some of the more complicated features work.

The other three buttons allow you to take a photo with your iPhone’s camera, use a picture from your or use a template that is built into the app and get started! Once you select your photo you’ll see a menu bar Trick Your Ride 4 200×300 Trick Your Ride   iPhone App Reviewabove your photo. This bar is full of all kinds of things that you can use to “Trick Your Ride.”

The first button in the menu takes you back to the main menu. The next button will open up the aforementioned music settings screen allowing you to select the right music to fit your mood! Right next to that button is the “Background” button. This button will bring up a screen with a few template backgrounds and the option to select a background directly from your photo library! It took me a second to figure out how this one works because it doesn’t show up right away. To make the background show up you actually have to erase whatever is in the foreground in front of it. This is explained in the help feature that I mentioned earlier.

The next two buttons allow you to zoom in on the areas that you’re working on and erase things that you don’t want any longer. The zoom feature uses the iOS “pinch” zoom gesture, and the eraser has a slider that allows you to set it to a variable size. The largest size is about the size Trick Your Ride 5 200×300 Trick Your Ride   iPhone App Reviewof the tip of a finger, and the smallest size is so small that I couldn’t really even see it without looking very closely.

The next four buttons are where the core of the optimization features lie. You’ll find everything from wheels that you can overlay on top of the ones in your photo, down to all kinds of accessories and the ability to overlay text on top of your image! If you need to touch up your photos with a different color can do that with a pen that has variable size, opacity and color. Once you have your photo all finished it’s time to save your work. Touching the button in the upper right corner of the screen will allow you to quickly save it to either your image gallery or directly to FaceBook!

If you enjoy fun photo apps with clip art this one definitely has a unique feel to it. If you also enjoy cars and spend many of your waking hours dreaming about your ideal car, then this is simply an app that you will not want to miss! Either way you’ll be glad to know that you can download this app today for just $0.99 from the iTunes Store. So what are you waiting for? Download your copy today!

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