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REVIEW – “Stay connected no matter where you go!”

iPhone App Review – Tweetie 2 1There have been a myriad of iPhone apps that have been released, both paid and free, that will give you access to your Twitter account on the go.  Some of them are very good, and some of them quite frankly cripple your ability to use Twitter for what it’s designed for, sharing information. If you have been looking for that perfect app that both performs well and will do what you need it to do, I would encourage you to check out one of the premier Twitter clients for iPhone and iPod Touch, Tweetie 2!

The developers of Tweetie took what was already a good app in Tweetie and completely rewrote the code from the ground up.  The resulting app is Tweetie 2! One of the most amazing benefits of this rewrite is how clean the code is and how quickly everything iPhone App Review – Tweetie 2 2runs.  As you might imagine I spend a lot of time downloading and playing with various apps because I do reviews on a regular basis. Because of this I commonly have trouble with certain apps crashing on me until I either clear my memory or reboot my phone.  In all of the hours of using Tweetie 2 I have not had it crash on me one time, even when I was using intensive functions like the camera and built in web browser!

While obviously reliability and speed are important factors in a good twitter client there are other things to consider.  Some apps are designed for “power users” and are stuffed full of advanced features that help you stay connected with all your networking tools.  Other apps are more focused on having a simple interface that anyone can just pick up and start using naturally. What sets Tweetie above so much of its competition is iPhone App Review – Tweetie 2 3that it has managed to be both extremely simple to learn and yet it still manages to have most of the “power user” features available as well!

The main home screen has five buttons along the bottom, your currently viewed section in the middle and a bar at the top with a post message button in the upper right corner and a button to go back to the accounts screen in the upper left corner.  The different screens at the bottom are used to view your tweets from “All Friends,” those directed @ you, direct messages and also allow you to search twitter for specific words. The button in the far right of the menu bar will bring up a screen that allows you to view your profile information, favorite tweets and any unsent drafts that you might have.

Interacting with your messages is the best part of this app.  Touching a tweet will bring it up full screen and also allow you to travel to any links that are in that tweet and/or view the profile of the person that tweeted the message.  If you’d like more advanced options for a message all you have to do is “swipe” to the left or right on a tweet and it will be iPhone App Review – Tweetie 2 4replaced with a menu with lots of options for doing everything from replying or retweeting their message to favoriting it or viewing their profile!

Want to use multiple accounts? No problem!  Touching the “Accounts” button will take you to a screen where you can manage what accounts you have set up to use with Tweetie, as well as set your more advanced options up by touching the “Settings” button iPhone App Review – Tweetie 2 5the bottom left corner.  On this screen, you’ll find all kinds of options from what name to display for your accounts to what font size and services you want to set up for things like image sharing and URL shortening.

Many people will probably look at this app and say that they chose not to download it because there are so many free alternatives.  While this may be true, I would counter that by saying that none of them have the depth of features, ease of use, speed and reliability that this app prides itself on.  Whether you are a casual user, or a serious marketing whiz do yourself a favor and stop using that inferior Twitter client just to save a couple dollars. Instead, head to the App Store and download Tweetie 2 today!

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