US Immigration FAQ – iPhone App Review

Review – “Handy reference guide to US Immigration Rules and Procedures”

US Immigration FAQ is pretty much exactly what it says it is. A handy guide to all of the rules for visiting or immigrating to the US. The information contained in this App is current (as of the last update) and informative for anyone wishing to learn more about the policies and procedures for traveling to the USA – for business or pleasure. Here’s the introduction from the Developers directly;

Actually, the section on Business travelers is probably what is going to be the most popular, this is a fantastic guide for people who travel often, or who are looking for information on the go about this topic. While most of the Business section deals with immigrating for investing, some of it does cover regular business trips as well.

In fact, this App covers almost all eventualities when it comes to obtaining visas and work permits, residence and green cards. The overall topics contained within are;

And each section contains many chapters about the specific procedures, forms and documents unique to each situation.

The information is provided in a very readable format – and contrary to some legal or government documents which can get confusing, its laid out in a way that will give you all the information you need based on your specific situation and needs.

Of course, this is also a fantastic tool for students who are learning immigration law and procedures. While not heavy on the legal aspect of things, it does provide easy to understand directions and details that can be used as a great study-guide.

While the App is laid out really well, and is easy to navigate I found it unfortunate that it wasn’t lacking a couple of features that would make it much more useful for business people and students alike. 1) Highlighting certain passages. This would be a wonderful way to come back to something you particularly wanted to remember like form information or a particularly important procedure that you just learned about. If not that, then at least, 2) Bookmarks – to flag certain chapters within sections. As this App is so comprehensive it can get difficult to remember “where did I read that particular thing about student visa limitations?”, having your own bookmarks page would be wonderful.

Other than those to criticisms I think that if you’re looking for a handy guide to quickly look up immigration info, this is it. There aren’t many others on the App store, so while it might be one of your only options, at least it’s informative and well written. Try it out, via the link below.

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