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Review – “Official RealVNC App for Remote Desktop Viewing”

I’ve used nearly every single iPhone remote desktop viewing App there is. It used to be a very important part of my home theater/computer set up, and the entire time I’ve owned an iOS Device, I’ve had an App that works with the VNC Server, so I was delighted to finally try out the newly released RealVNC Viewer for the iPad (which is a universal App which also works on the iPhone).

For those of you not familiar with VNC, they are the leading software developers for remote desktop viewing on the PC, and Mac. You can connect to your PC or Mac Desktop from any web-enabled computer, via either the web interface or the VNC Viewer software, so long as you’re running the VNC Server on your home computer. There are three different levels of the software, each which offers different features and OS Compatibility – Check here for details. For the simple user – the Personal Edition is perfect, but for businesses and Mac users, the Enterprise Edition is best

Like I’ve previously said, there are quire a few remote desktop Apps on the App Store, and most of which actually connect to the VNC Server – having an official product from the Real VNC Crew is a treat, this App is built from the ground up for ease of use and functionality, and runs beautifully on the iPad. Not only does the wider iPad screen offer a better view of your desktops, but it’s much easier to work on files and projects with the larger space. One of the features I really appreciate, that some of the other Remote Desktop Apps don’t have is that it lets you select how to interact with your desktop either by keeping your mouse fixed – and moving the screen around it, or by allowing your finger to both move the mouse as well as the desktop view – my personal favorite method. The Zoom (by pinching) works perfectly, and the entire time I was testing (several times over the course of several days) I never once crashed. Which brings me to another point – VNC Viewer can automatically change and configure your resolution and performance based on your connection speed.

As for typing, there is also not only a full keyboard (which includes ctrl, alt, arrows, esc, and more), but also a command or shortcut keyboard which takes up just a small area of space so that you don’t have to keep using half of your screen when you want to do things like use the F-Keys or Arrow Keys. One feature missing on the App that the regular PC Viewer has is document transfer, which would be absolutely brilliant – but I understand why they didn’t include it (as it might be data heavy and/or a memory hog). The App, however, does have a text copy/paste transfer, which is so much more convenient and useful than you might even think. I used it several times to copy urls, and email addresses to save onto my iPad.

Overall though, you should trust the experts in this field, the Official Real VNC App is built with the power VNC user in mind. People who use multiple computers, on multiple OS’s with Multiple screen resolutions, etc are going to find this a real treat. This App was made for power business use – but even Free Edition users are going to love having access to their computer from anywhere – I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t find this useful.

While, yes, there are cheap or even free Remote Desktop Apps on the App Store – I highly recommend VNC Viewer for professional and even personal use. The price is really very reasonable for this powerful trustworthy tool, a reflection on the quality of software that you are getting.

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