WPR Mobile – iPhone App Review

REVIEW – “Get this influential and important journal delivered right to your iPhone”

WPR Mobile – iPhone App ReviewAs a political science student I spent most of my time scanning through articles and political journals that are truly worth my time. What impresses me about WPR Mobile is that not only do you get access to a great journal but you get to read it right on your iPhone, even when you are not online!WPR Mobile – iPhone App Review

First off this isn’t a journal that only political science buffs can appreciate because the journal is written in such a way that anyone can follow it and it’s articles focus on very topical subjects. You get to hear the background behind many of the things you see on the news and in many cases, hear a side of the story that you might not have considered before.

World Politics Review features writers from a variety of different backgrounds from political scientists to military analysts and all of them are among the best in their fields, which means that the information you are getting is accurate and well researched. The journal features great columns like my personal favorite, War is Boring and Global Insights, The Realist Prism and The New Rules.

This is a great way to really learn about what is going on around the world from military coups in Nigeria to Security visions for Europe to the United States’ relationship with China.

WPR Mobile – iPhone App ReviewThe app interface is simple to use and can be used in both orientations which is great for reading longer articles. Some nice features are that you can bookmark any article to visit later and you can even email full articles to a friend.

For anyone that wants to learn something more than simple new headlines or really wants to see multiple sides to the issue, then the World Political Review is something you should check out.

The app is currently free and the articles can also be accessed on the website so you can start reading an article on your iPhone and finish it online or vice versa.

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