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As one of the most popular Free Apps on the iTunes App Store right now, I thought I’d give Zombie Duck Hunt a try. I was first interested in trying it out because, hey, Zombies. And also, hey, Duck Hunt! Who doesn’t love the classic NES Game where with the Florecent Orange Laser Gun? Well, sadly the Laser Gun is not part of Zombie Duck Hunt, but it’s super fun and just as addictive as the original.

First thing I want to mention is that this App currently has 4000+ 1-star ratings on the iTunes App Store – most of which complaint about the aiming system being ‘broken’ or not working. I completely understand people’s frustrations or being confused about this, but if you took just a few minutes to figure it out, it’s quite easy to use and fun.

The Gun sight gets set/centered when you load the level. From there you simply tilt/move your iPhone to aim the sight at your target. You don’t tap to aim, which I think what most people are trying. Most of the people who are rating this App 1-star simply haven’t figured this out – and it’s a shame because it’s a unique aiming feature and it makes the game much more complex and fun.

So, down to. There is a brief tutorial letting you know the different kinds of Zombie Ducks and how to kill them. It goes over how to reload (using your left thumb) and fire (using your right thumb), its not expressly clear on how to aim – and unfortunately, once you go through the tutorial I couldn’t find a way to bring it back up. Nevertheless, the actual gameplay is super-fun and addictive. Luckily when you quit you have the option to save from whatever level you’re at. Surprisingly I find this a rare feature in games on the iPhone, so I’m glad it’s included. Plus, there are fun Bonus Rounds between Levels, to regain your hearts.

To add another dimension to the game, you earn dollars for every Zombie Duck you kill and when you save up enough you can go shopping for Bigger and Better Guns! The standard rifle carries 3 shots until you need to reload. The better guns carry more bullets and quicker reloads.

I want to mention that the animation and graphics for the most part are very good, I’ve seen much much worse, so for a Free App this is definitely impressive. In addition to the sound/music. Completely suits the game.

Lastly, the game is on OpenFeint, which always ads another fun feature to all games – and also has built-in twitterable – I guess to tell your friends when you’ve unlocked another level, or just to tweet that you’re playing, who knows, I didn’t really test that out.

So as it turns out Thousands of people CAN be wrong. Ignore all the naysayers on the iTunes Store and try it out yourself. Just take two minutes or so to figure out your aiming, and go to town killing those Zombie Ducks!

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